About us

Company History

Oral Dynamics was established in 2011 by Alan Sim and Bradley Grobler.

Shortly after graduating in South Africa they both immigrated in 1998. Brad initially went to the UK for four years prior to New Zealand. 

They both had extensive knowledge in the dental industry, having owning laboratories prior to Oral Dynamics. After meeting each other in New Zealand and, some years later, they often would talk about what they felt was needed in the industry …the result… Oral Dynamics was formed in 2011. Both Alan and Brad felt there need to provide a provide a professional service to the industry that not only focused on quality work but also placed a strong emphasis on treatment planning and the “big picture”. By this they meant that each case should be treated with a long term goal in mind and not just focusing on the “now” result.

This has led Alan & Brad to attend the Kois Centre in Seattle, US, where a comprehensive 9 course programme is taught by Dr Kois. They both consider this to be the pinnacle of their learning and are proud to be graduates and mentors of the centre. They regularly attend the annual symposium in Seattle  for continued learning and new material discussion.

Both Alan and brad have lectured locally and internationally, Alan for Noble Biocare and Brad currently an opinion leader for Ivoclar Vivadent.

Brad is married to Deona and they have a daughter Connolly and Alan is married to Julia and has a son James and daughter Kate.

When not at their desks creating their art, Alan and brad love to take time for what is to them high on their priority list.. motorcycling! both love to find a road and see where it ends! They even manage an annual ride in the US each year on the back of the symposium.

Other interests include skiing, gym and course family time is high on the priority list with young families they both have!

They say they are a small operation and keep it that way purposefully in order to provide excellent service to their discerning clientele… their motto.. simply: “Design, Technology, Excellence

Alan Sim & Bradley Grobler


Design – Technology – Excellence!


We guarantee to provide you with quality work based on our knowledge and will strive to ensure your and your patients satisfaction… always!

  • we use quality products from reputable manufactures
  • Lifetime guarantee on all Kois based planned work
  • All dental laboratory work is guaranteed for 5 years from manufacture