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We are a highly skilled provider to the dental industry using the latest technology, materials and techniques.

Crown & Bridge

Crowns, Bridges, Veneers,
true def

Digital Dentistry

We are Digital Ready ! All systems open or closed


Digital wax ups, DSD based smile designs and analog waxing

Implant Dentures/ Fixed & Removable

All on 4 , all on 6 Acrylic Hybid, Layered Ceramic, Titanium, Zirconia, Prettau


Using Ivobase injection system to make aesthetic and high impact Dentures

Milling Services

Are you a Lab that wants to have work made with CAD/CAM, let us help you .
digital models

Digital Model Printing

Using the Stratasys Objet 30 Prime , let us print your digital scans into models of high accuracy (16microns)

Treatment Planning

Using the principles learnt at the Kois Center, let us help you plan your cases for predictable outcomes

Crown and Bridge

We use a Cad/Cam process to either create a milled wax up to cast in palladium based alloy or have milled in CrCo by ZFX, we then hand layer IPS Inline Ceramic from Ivoclar Vivadent to create as aesthetic result we can possibly acheive
Still the "Gold Standard" in dental restorations, CAD designed, milled in wax and cast in high Gold alloy
Yes we still make these, in any requested alloy
This has been our most successful material to date, and produces amazing aesthetic results. this material has strength and the added benefit of being bond able.
Zirconia High Strength
This is a truelly revolutionary material, CAD/CAM Processed and pre coloured before Sintering. With the resulting restorations that resembles e.max in its translucency and aesthetics
This leucite reinforced Pressed Ceramic gives excellent aesthetic results, this material has a strength of 160 MPA
We restore any Implant System, there hasn't been one implant that we could not restore. We use Medentica components, ZFX for direct to fixture milling and Implant Company Genuine Componts upon request.
These full arch restorations combine the aesthetics of "White" and "Pink" Whether its Acrylic or Ceramic we take care to create a restoration that fits passive on the implants and has lifelike Aesthetics with Longevity.

Other Services

We offer a complete Prosthetic service. From full dentures to partials , metal partials to relines. We use Ivobase injection moulding systems and Premium Quality Acrylic teeth.
We are Digital Ready ! Send Us Your Files........ Cerec, Trios, Carestream, 3M, Itero, Planmeca, and any other. We will Make a 3D Printed Model and your restoration from your digital scan. We have a Stratasys Objet 30 Dental Prime 3D Printer in house and are ready to go This Amazing 3D printer has a layer height of 16 microns and is very dimensionally accurate
The Kois Deprogrammer is simple orthodontic appliance that is worn as much as possible by the patient to "de-program" their muscle memory of the TMJ to allow the joint to find a comfortable position. Great for occlusion diagnostics.
We Cad/Cam mill a flat plane bite splint with a deprogrammer ramp on the splint to allow the clinician to grind in the bite in a deprogrammed position, this will create a more favourable and comfortable TMJ position for the patient to protect their teeth during neuromuscular activity eg. (Nocturnal Bruxism )
We Cad/Cam Mill these splints to have a great fit and integral material properties
Diagnostic Waxing is the cornerstone of effective and predictable treatment planning. We follow DSD Principals as well as incorporate artistic flair, creating natural tooth shapes , proportions and surface textures. We utilise Digital Technology as well as the tried and tested analog method with wax .
With many, many years of experience as ceramists , let us take the shade for you. Patients are always welcome to visit the lab and we can shade map their teeth for future restorations.
Having spent years and a lot of money attending the Kois Center in Seattle, we are able to Assist you in diagnostics and formulating a patient specific treatment plan based on ethical evidence based dentistry. We are able to help only due to the incredible teachings of Dr John Kois and the 9 module evidence based curriculum.

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